The indomitable spirit of 1950

A couple of days ago I visited my aunt in hospital.  She is 83.

When I told her of my plan, she recounted a tale of her youth, when at the age of 17 she got the ferry over to Dieppe with 2 friends and over 3 weeks cycled 1000 miles on a pilgrimage to Rome.  She had a steel, sit up and beg bike, no panniers and certainly no lycra.  Her budget was £50 per week and she would rock up in a town, find the nearest nunnery and blag food and shelter for the night.

It made me think – while I am panicking about what kit to take, what gizmo’s and gadgets, reading furiously about how to make sure I am connected at all times, there is a lot to be said for the simple version.  What am I going to take from this?  Well, although I am not brave enough to go tech free, I will certainly make sure that it doesn’t limit the human interaction for which it undoubtedly sometimes replaces.

One thought on “The indomitable spirit of 1950

  1. Woow! Feisty aunt you have and perhaps you’d be known as one too! Real human interaction without needing technology sounds like a real treat – gourmet specialty all the way! Connection the real food we social animals need. How I respect your legacy and choices!


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