Our first date

The first excursion on a new bike is a little bit like a first date.  We, the new (yet to be named) steed and I went on our first date on Friday – a day trip to Clevedon.
As with most dates, there is the IMG_3230excitement and apprehension before you meet.  Will you get on? Will you like each other? Where will it lead?
And then when you first meet there is the initial awkwardness as you size each other up.  You don’t know how each other react, or what is going to go down well.  Things can get uncomfortable as you work out how each other ticks.  But while this is happening, the over riding sense is that first impressions are looking good.
You get home and feel hopeful.  You want to see each other again.  You don’t feel like running a mile. You are intrigued.  You don’t know where this will lead but you feel that this is a journey that will endure and contain more adventure.

What If

The day has been book ended by What If’s…starting with the worst case scenarios of going through in my head what could possibly go wrong.  At times it feels like everything could go wrong.   What if I get a bike problem I can’t fix?  What if I run out of food?  What if I get lost?  What if… What if… What if… I could go on and get myself in such a frenzy that I wouldn’t turn a single revolution let alone 4,500 miles.  So Kim advised me to write all my What If’s down on paper, and go through them and put t

The fear of the unknown

The reality of what I’m undertaking is kicking in.  I’ve handed in my notice, I’ve booked my flight, I’m getting the kit and suddenly the theoretical idea that I have flippantly spoken about is now taking on a different edge.  So what are the fears?  Loneliness, physical capability and the excitement of being on the open road is tinged with the fear of the unknown.  The stimulus of that unfamiliarity is what drives me… new horizons, new cultures, interactions with strangers… an adventure, a story.  But at this planning stage where a map and an unpronuncible place name is all I have, I feel overwhelmed.

But I know, that once those wheels start turning, and the landscapes unfurl that the sense of freedom will return and dominate all the limiting ideas that are currently swirling in my head.