What If

The day has been book ended by What If’s…starting with the worst case scenarios of going through in my head what could possibly go wrong.  At times it feels like everything could go wrong.   What if I get a bike problem I can’t fix?  What if I run out of food?  What if I get lost?  What if… What if… What if… I could go on and get myself in such a frenzy that I wouldn’t turn a single revolution let alone 4,500 miles.  So Kim advised me to write all my What If’s down on paper, and go through them and put t

2 thoughts on “What If

  1. What if it is an adventure of a lifetime that will infuse you with an indomitable spirit?
    What if you overcome every obstacle and return invincible?
    What if you become an “I Can” role model?

    Kim is very wise…What ifs on paper look like ‘problems to be solved’ and what-ifs in the mind can seem like demons.


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