Our first date

The first excursion on a new bike is a little bit like a first date.  We, the new (yet to be named) steed and I went on our first date on Friday – a day trip to Clevedon.
As with most dates, there is the IMG_3230excitement and apprehension before you meet.  Will you get on? Will you like each other? Where will it lead?
And then when you first meet there is the initial awkwardness as you size each other up.  You don’t know how each other react, or what is going to go down well.  Things can get uncomfortable as you work out how each other ticks.  But while this is happening, the over riding sense is that first impressions are looking good.
You get home and feel hopeful.  You want to see each other again.  You don’t feel like running a mile. You are intrigued.  You don’t know where this will lead but you feel that this is a journey that will endure and contain more adventure.

One thought on “Our first date

  1. Delightful sharing! You must share how the two of you are getting along now! Do you feel ready to spend some time with each other for a while?


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