All the gear, no idea…

IMG_3288I’ve always prided myself on my ability to pack lightly but when a few months of travel have to fit into 2 panniers I’m taking it to a new level.   There are only so many times that you can pack and unpack, each time re-evaluating and honing what to take or what to cast out. I have had numerous lengthy discussions with myself about what IS really essential when temperatures will range from freezing to scorching and whatever I take will need to be heaved up and down six or more countries.

After months of preparation and training the excitement and nerves are building as the physical, mental and emotional expectations are all unknown.  I remind myself that in a week my world will be stripped to the three essentials of life – water, food and shelter. Everything else can be begged, borrowed, bought or stolen and  I’m looking forward to the simplicity that this will bring.  There is no more room in my panniers or my brain and I now can’t wait to get on my bike and start the journey.

So…  for the moment I will keep that really vital midge head net and extra pair of socks until I am hauling my way up the top of a 1 in 10 hill with 25 kilos of un-necessaries and then throw them away in a spirit of lightweight abandonment.  Bring on the road!